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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Art in the Garden!

Today was an eventful day with a lot of classes!

In the early morning we had the 5th graders help us with the much needed weeding and watering of the garden. We also helped the 3rd graders with their data collection project. We even had a special guest today! Ariel, from a local radio station interested in our project, came out to visit us and learn more about the Edible Peace Patch. She plans to return in the future to see our progress.

The second shift transplanted some of the larger looseleaf lettuce growing in the greenhouse to their respective spot in the garden's raised beds. They also had Mrs. Hartman's 2nd grade class come out and do their curriculum for the week; observations of the garden (sight, touch, taste, and smell, among some other things).

The afternoon shift had Lakewood's art teacher bring out a class of students who made some ceramic signs to decorate the garden with depicting various plants!

Mrs. Gjeldum came out with her kindergarten class for the first time and we did our usual introduction to the garden - start in a circle with their name and favorite vegetable, break into groups and show them all of the garden, and then reform a circle and let us know what they learned! We then finished the day with a little more watering, given the hot day, and we will most likely give them a break from watering until Friday.

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