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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday February 17, 2009

Today was a great day in the garden. It started out cool, but it rose to about seventy degrees by the middle of the day. The Sun was out all day and the plants got a lot of light. Two classes visited the garden. The garden is looking great. Some of the plants are really doing well. It is amazing to see how many different plants are starting to come up. There are sprouts from about twelve different edible fruits and vegetables, and the sunflowers, marigolds, and butterfly garden are flourishing (except for the marigolds that were hit hard by this late frost). In my opinion the garden is already a success.

Mrs. Davis's fifth grade class came out in the morning. They helped us plant Kohirabi and Kale. These were two new vegetables for many of the kids. It will be great to see there reaction when the plants finally grow. Mrs. Early's second grade class came out a little after lunch. The word for the day for the second graders was observe. We split up into four groups, and discussed what it means to observe using our five senses. We then moved between four stations in the garden and used our five senses to make our own scientific observations. The kids wrote about textures of leaves and plants. We smelled the flowers and the compost pile, and the second graders drew pictures of what they saw. I think everyone learned a lot today, I know I did.

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