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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Kinder-gardners!

Today was a very busy day! Lots of classes came out today, including two kindergarten classes. Mrs. Davis' class came out early in the morning to do some work in the garden. They are putting in so much work, we really enjoy having them out there.

The cucumber seeds were nowhere to be found, so sadly they didn't get to plant. Silly Kayla had them in her bag! Its so great to have all these classes coming out, we really enjoy teaching them all that we know, from compost to photosynthesis. The last shift of the day ended up planting the cucumber seeds, and then their group of kindergartner's got to water them! They enjoyed their tour around the garden, but they were mostly focused on the compost pile. They have heard that there are worms underneath! Its quite the trick trying to find one for them haha.

Oh and good news, there is more watermelon coming up. We thought it might have taken a hard hit from the cold, but it pulled through. Our corn did not fair so well, but thats alright! We planted some more along with the squash and pole beans, so everything is going good.

One last thing! The Lakewood students took part in a contest to name the garden, both lakewood and eckerd kids got to vote on what they liked best. Congratulations to our winner, the garden will now be known as "The Eckerd College Edible Peace Patch Garden Project at Lakewood Elementary."

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