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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our plants are hungry!

If the plants could talk to us right now, they would ask us for some of that manure! We have a huge pile of it, so thats the plan from here on out, to feed the plants! We are going to layer it on top, with care not to hurt the small plants. We are then going to make sure to sprinkle the water on top. If we water to much, the nutrients will sink down, and our roots are still near the surface! Whew, so much to learn! :)

The leaves have been turning yellow, and not because of too much or too little water, it is because they need nutrients. Not all of them though, the corn, squash and beans have been growing at faster rates because they have the sand to spread their roots into versus the plants in the beds. Also our sunflowers hidden behind the greenhouse are grower better than the rest, which leads us to a conclusion that the sand is helping them, the sand has some good after all!

Everyday at the garden is a chance to learn something new, although some of us have had some experience with home gardens or volunteering at organic farms, we have never done this before. I for one am thankful for the support and help of Professor Curtis. He has the knowledge that us students lack, and without that our plants may have never gotten the proper care.

So a recap of what happened in the garden today. Watermelon was planted by the early shift, as well as Rosemary. The afternoon shift tended to the marigolds, clearing mulch out of the way and putting some more seeds in there. Marigolds do not take that long to come up, the reason why you transplant them into your garden is to allow their smell to ward off pests from the start.

The smell of the marigolds is still strong at the Edible Peach Patch as another peaceful day was had by all.

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