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Friday, February 27, 2009

Positive Vibrations in the Garden!

Happy Friday Everyone!
Everything seems to be responding really well to the sunny Florida weather and altered watering method! The spinach is succulent, the newly transplanted green peppers are absorbing every ray of sunlight, and the potato shoots are gigantic! Today Mrs. Davis' 5th grade class same out and we watered everything in preparation for the weekend and finally planted the zucchini. The second graders came out to do their observations of the garden, and the kindergarteners of Mrs. King's class came out for the first time. We also put more worms into the compost so get ready for the best soil mixture St. Petersburg has ever seen. The soil that the worms have been living in is now really full of worm fertilizer, so we will be adding it to our beds next week for extra nutrients! Don't forget the Environmental Film Festival is premiering "The Garden", as well as a short presentation on The Edible Peace Patch Saturday at Miller Auditorium on Eckerd College Campus at 7:00 pm sharp!!! See everyone next week at the Edible Peace Patch.

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