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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rain, rain go away

Today was a pretty busy day. We had a lot of classes come out. Bates, Dorsey, Pavlowski, Hartman, and a 4th grade class (sorry, didn't catch teacher's name) came out. When Dorsey's class and the 4th grade class came out, it started to rain. We went into Dorsey's class and allowed them to observe different vegetables we will be harvesting in the garden. Bates' class planted mint in the herb garden. It stopped raining for Pavlowski's class so we showed them how everything has grown in the garden. We discussed how we observe things that are in the garden by using your senses.

We should be getting a shed pretty soon! Some kids have been wandering into our closet and writing on our dry erase board. I couldn't blame them, it's like a toy for them. We haven't been watering as much and the plants have been growing like crazy. We will be done planting the majority of seeds by the end of the month.

One of the kids in the 2nd grade class came up and gave me some husk from the corn and thought of these when she handed them to me. These would be fun to make with the kids:


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