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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The garden lives!

Both Flora and Friends of the Edible Peach Patch, enjoyed the strengthening sun overhead today! Zucchini and squash were finally put in the ground along side the newly transplanted peppers. These young vegetables were moved from greenhouse to the ground with the help of Ms. Bates fifth grade class! It sure is starting to feel alive out there! Each day new sprouts and shouts arise in the garden, as plants and students explore the growing world. The Black Beauty Eggplants have even shown their heads. The count right now is at three- who knows how many the season will produce?

It's easy to see from the smiles, that everyone is really enjoying each day here in the garden. Just as the germinating seeds are shedding their cost, the children at Lakewood Elementary open up more each day. Just today, I had one boy graciously offer up the last pepper to transplant. Even both musty old Crape Myrtles are boasting leaves! I think we have gotten the watering down and things are looking up, great job everyone!

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