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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

rock paper scissor Butterfly!!

Today in the garden we continued with the lesson plan of the week Metamorphosis! This word which looks and sounds pretty huge to elementary school students actually became pretty clear through the flash cards we made and the activity that we had in store. The lesson plan taught about the 4 stages of metamorphosis egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and then eventually butterfly. Our lesson plan explained the more scientific stages of the cycle using vocab words such as larva and pupa. Today's classes were really excited about this lesson because they have actually been learning about life cycles in science class. Metamorphosis being such an elaborate word we took special time to reiterate to each of our classes. The best way in which I found that words were remembered would be to have the students as a group say it over and over again getting louder and louder making it fun.

After we were able to get the lessons done we played the game portion of the lesson, which in my opinion was the best part! By demonstrating for the students what each cycle should look like, crouched down in an egg shape playing "rock paper scissors" then when one of us wins we change into a caterpillar and then eventually a chrysalis and finally a butterfly. We had each student pair off with another and start the game off as eggs. We would circulate ourselves throughout the class playing a few rounds and watching the progression. It was an awesome lesson and it got the students working together and reinforcing the life cycle of a butterfly.

Christina Pucci

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