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Friday, March 25, 2011

Notes from the Wellness Kitchen

Today, I thought I'd tell a few tips for anyone who decides to take over the wellness kitchen next semester.

The kids and I have built a good relationship and almost all of them will at least try what we cook. I find the fact that they see where the food comes from, help to pick and then cook it, helps them stay more open to foods they would normally turn down. There are a few things I try to do to give positive peer pressure. Although, I never tell anyone they must try anything, it should always be on their own accord to try something new or turn it down. We practice good manners and no one is allowed to taste until everyone has it. Then, we all try it at the exact same time. I always say "mmmm" afterwards and they usually mimic what I say. I stay positive about the experience and most times they are too. It is so helpful that the teachers are also open to trying- They have all been as enthusiastic as I am. This is important because kids are always watching - which spills into every aspect of our life choices. For example, If you are drinking a coke, they don't understand why they can't. Being around children helps me to remain conscious and mindful of the little decisions I make everyday because I always want to be a good example. This is applied to everything I do and say. I never want to be a person who says "do as I say, and not as I do".

Now, onto what we've been cooking . . .

We've had a great week cooking up the beautiful squash and carrots that have popped up in our garden. We've chopped them up and sauteed them in garlic and olive oil.
Hope you all have a great Spring Break!
I can't wait to see what will have popped up when I come back!

Take Care,

Sarah Tucker

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  1. I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't checked the Peace Patch blog in a while (real life catching up with me), but I must say that it is looking FANTASTIC. It looks like how I always imagined it to be - colorful and magical and green everywhere. I'm really happy to see it still alive after 2 years. Kudos to you, Kip, and to all the students who have worked on the Peace Patch!