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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This morning with another cloudless sky in South side Saint Petersburg. The group and I did not find it a struggle to proceed with the mandatory daily weeding. As our muscles began to loosen and warm, we broke of individually preparing for our lesson plan on compost! The lesson consisted of teaching the students about what is good/healthy for the compost,as well as what is bad/disruptive for the compost. If time permitted after the compost activity, a game was usually played. The game depended on the students instructor. The game would either be a modification of "Red light,green light" or "Mother may I?" and would pertain to compost.
(the students loved this)

Half way through the day I found myself painting again, giving the garden some life and perhaps some defense. I painted a couple of rocks, and with the help of a friend proceeded to surround the pineapples with there own personal blockade. Inspired by Jackson Pollock.

I am also starting to notice a stronger connection between the kids and I. Especially after the students and I transplanted the bean/corn into a more official home. I am seeing more smiles and less frowning. The students are participating and behaving better than ever!

Student Volunteer

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