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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another beautiful Thursday morning in the garden! The sun was shining and the wind was blowing. The pie trays acted nicely as Frisbees when the wind caught them right and I’m pretty sure every cup of sand, silt, and clay made it to the ground at least once during the classes.

The topic for the day was on soils and we found out that the students favorite way to observer them was sight, specifically with the magnifying glass. Once the students had their hands on them they wanted to look at every plant and insect in the garden. We dug into the compost pile as the students grabbed frantically for the rolly pollys to get a closer look. I explained to the kids the importance of bugs in the soils and how the compost is one large food pile for these insects. There were also a lot of compliments on the paintjob of the compost from the kids, so thank you to whoever painted that.

After the classes left, the garden became quiet again so Jamie and I started to get to work. We cleaned up and organized the shed then finished up the day with some weeding by the sunflowers.

Ethan Mauger

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