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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beautiful Thursday in the Garden

This morning the garden was bursting with life (and the kids seemed to notice, too!). The butterfly lesson was extremely relevant today, as we spotted three monarchs. I took particular notice to the sunflowers and the cucumbers, which seem to be growing at an alarming rate! By next week we should definitely have sunflowers at about 5 feet.
Today we had the second graders tell us about the butterfly cycle. One student called the Cocoon stage the "canoe" stage, and the rest of the class caught on immediately. This amused the volunteers as well as the teacher, but by the end of the session everyone knew the true name of a cocoon. The kids also drew the stages after we talked about them. I am noticing an increase in detail and accuracy as the semester progresses. We also spent a great deal of time battling the sedge. Next week is spring break and the following Saturday we plan on having a work day, so hopefully the sedge monster will be defeated!

Spring is in the air at the Edible Peach Patch... I can't wait to return from Spring Break to see how much everything has grown!

Keep growing!

Erin Stockdale
Independent Study

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