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Monday, March 14, 2011

Bug Hunt!

This week the lesson revolves around the bugs in the garden... what the bugs do, what the bugs eat, and where to find the bugs! Theclasses were crazy about the bugs today, especially the monarch caterpillars and the spiders. Some of the students even knew where to find the bugs without our help (I guess they've done this before...). After reading an awesome book about the bugs in our garden (pictured left), ee had each group collect all the bugs they could find in a clear plastic cup and tell us why they think the garden needs them. This lesson tied in nicely with last week's lesson on compost, as most of the bugs were found in the compost pile!
We also planted the corn plants that the classes have been growing in their classrooms (pictured below). The kids were ecstatic to see them go into the ground!

Finally, we had the third graders draw anything they know about the water cycle. We haven't talked about this yet in the garden, but some students remembered basic processes (like evaporation) from last year.

This week is off to a great start... I'm excited to see what bugs the kids will find!


Erin Stockdale
Independent Study

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