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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Aphid-Eaters and New Visitors!

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day in the garden, and our classes were thrilled to be out in the Florida sunshine. The kids had a great time being "bug scientists" with their aprons and magnifying glasses. They found all the usual bug suspects (roly polys, caterpillars, and spiders) and a few new visitors today. A baby monarch butterfly really sparked the 5th graders interests, and they had a fu time trying to catch it. We also spotted several ladybug larvae (pictured right) which, as the kids learned, are very good for the garden because they eat aphids (which eat the good garden plants). We also had a few run ins with a few very large wasps that have made themselves comfortable in between the compost bins. We all kept our distance from the wasps, even though we explained that they are also an important part of the garden.
We also had a special guest in the garden today! Nancy Langston, author of Toxic Bodies: Hormone Disruptors and the Legacy of DES, came to check out the Peace Patch. It was very exciting to hear her perspective on the work we're doing with the school, as she is an organic farmer herself... she had a lot of great things to say!
Until next time....

Christina Pucci and Erin Stockdale
Student Volunteers

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