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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away!

This morning we had an intense thunderstorm come through St. Petersburg - it was great for the garden but unfortunately our classes were rained out. Ethan and I were both shocked at how well everything in the garden is growing and got some maintenance work done! In the picture to the left you can see how well the corn, squash and pumpkins are doing....I'm completely amazed at how fast and how tall the corn has grown!

Ethan and I first started our morning in the garden by weeding sedge around the sunflowers. The rain made it so easy to get to the root of the sedge which was great for a mass weeding session. We really got a lot of sedge out from around the sunflowers which was great because the sunflowers are doing marvelous and I would hate to see the sedge bring em down! After we weeded a bunch around the garden, we fixed the compost bin - the bottom piece of wood had fallen off. It was a little bit of a gloomy day in the garden, especially because there were no children around but it was a great maintenance day!

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Jamie P.
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