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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday: Week of the Water Cycle

Today was a beautiful day at the garden. In the morning, a tree that was being cut down across the street became a new sitting area at the garden. The pieces of the tree were set up in a circle near the entrance to the garden.

Our first class of kindergardeners did not come out today for the lesson. Our second group, the EBD class, were the first to try out this new sitting area. Since majority of these students are in 5th grade and are familiar with the water cycle, we asked them questions and had them tell us what part of the water cycle was which. The discussion worked well and they filled out their worksheet with ease. Then they enthusiastically helped water the garden, which they had a lot of fun with. After watering the garden and observing it we all came back to the circle. Christina shared with the class fun facts about where St. Petersburg's water supply comes from... 60 miles away!

We found a new friend in the garden today too!

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