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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Waters up?!

This morning before the kids came out, we changed the fencing around the three-sisters plots in the garden by making one fence around the three plots rather than having three different fences set up around each one.

We also started making terraces for the beans to climb up as they grow with some of the wood and roping we found in the shed.  Before the kids came out we also get together some of the poles we didn't use for the fencing around the three-sisters plots that will be used for the tomato plants to grow on as well.

The kids learned about the water cycle today! With the creative idea of using sponges to represent the water cycle we explained the cycle with the key vocabulary consisting of: evaporation, precipitiation and collection.  After explaining what the water cycle is and why it is important we discussed where the water we use in our homes from by use of aquifers and water treatment plants and pipelines, the kids got to water the garden.  This allowed them the chance to use the lesson to interact with the garden.  On closing the lesson we got the chance to do a rain dance with the kids and a quick game where all the kids were spread out and represented water droplets, Katie was the sun and would tap each kid and they would "evaporate" and run to the middle where they represented a cloud.  One the cloud was to fulll with all the kids in the class they would "rain out" and spread out again.  They kids enjoyed it and it pulled together the lesson well in a fun way.

- Chelsea Ehmann

Look how tall our sunflowers are!

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