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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday April 27

This week's lesson is a review of the many cycles we have talked about in the garden with the kids. On Wednesdays, we have all younger kids, so instead of playing the scavenger hunt, we simply walked them around the garden and talked about some of the things we have learned. We stopped at the compost to talk about soil and what makes good soil.

We stopped at the wildflower bed to talk about and pollination and the seed cycle
We also stopped to look at different bugs found in the garden, and talked about why they are important members of the garden 

We finished the lesson by letting the kids pick their favorite game to play.
The rest of the day was spent spreading mulch around the garden, and getting it in great shape for the Harvest Fest.
We have been visited a few times this week by a group of wild parakeets that love to munch on our sunflowers. Sadly, they tend to destroy whole parts of the flower:
At least the birds are enjoying our garden as well!

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