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Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting Ready and Growing Strong

Every day is literally a new day for me in the garden. Things grow so much in a weekend's time and although we are battling fungus in some of our beds, the others are doing phenomenal! Our Okra is so delicious and healthy. I've never grown my own food so I'm learning a lot - my favorite fun fact is that when the flower of a plant (like squash) dies, that means it's ready to be eaten! What great communicating mother nature is capable of :)

The most amazing thing I've seen when it comes to fast growing are our sunflowers! They are my favorite flower and it is so welcoming to see this giant leaves and flowers every time I visit the garden!

Just so you have an idea, Max (pictured) is about 6'2'' and most of the sunflowers are taller than him! It's been such an incredible journey watching them go from tiny stalks to illuminated flowers. I cannot wait for the Harvest Festival next Tuesday and I know the kids are just as excited to show off the garden.

We have put a lot of hard work into the garden this year and I cannot wait to cook food using the veggies and show the parents what the kids have been up to at school! A lot of my Lakewood lovelies have been talking about wanting to start their own garden and so maybe if their parents see the success of ours, they'd be willing to start one of their own! Although, a large majority of my children's families already have gardens which is great! 

This semester has been so inspiring for me and I hope it is as inspiring the children. Above is a picture of our baby watermelon growing into a young adolescent :) (pictured above with the sandal). I remember a couple weeks ago when it was the size of a grape! Our tomatoes (pictured below) are also looking quite delicious. I'm getting so excited for all the delicious foods we are going to have and all the wonderful company that we are going to be surrounded by!

We spent the day prepping the garden for our visitors as well as reviewing all of the cycles and lessons we've learned over the semester with our kids. Next week will be our final goodbye :(

Next Tuesday @ Lakewood Elementary!
"Be there or be a rotten cucumber"
(as one of my darling first graders exclaimed when I told them about the Harvest Fest) 

Jamie P.

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