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Monday, April 11, 2011

Seed Saving

This week we are focusing on seed saving and the life cycle of a plant in the garden. Each day we are seeding a new plant, and today the kids saved seeds from the broccoli! We have so many seed pods (pictured below) on the broccoli that need to be harvested, and the kids were a great help. They learned about the how plants start out as seeds and how they produce seeds when fully mature... we even found it helpful to mention the role of bees in the garden.

It was helpful to have broccoli in several different stages in the garden so the kids could see the life cycle first hand. One of our plants was even flowering:

Our pumpkins are starting to get large and colorful. I think I might delve into the world of pumpkin culinary dishes for the harvest festival... they look so good!

Stay tuned for more seeding updates!

- Erin Stockdale
 Independent Study

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