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Monday, April 25, 2011

Start your morning right...With a big pile of mulch!

Today was a quiet day at Lakewood, it was a teacher work day so we sadly did not have any youngsters to grace our presence in the garden. However, as we near the harvest festival (May 3rd), having no kids around did not mean we twiddled our thumbs. There is much to be done in the garden.

When I arrived Erin was arms deep in clearing leaves which had been overtaken by a fungus from the cucumber.
 Once our friends arrived with the truck filled with mulch, Erin, Christina and I set out on the job of moving the mulch to its new home on the ground.
 After much joyful labor, we emptied the truck. This was one of the biggest truckloads of much yet!
 And much needed, as the sedge was already taking over as fast as it could.
Soon the garden will be looking in tip-top shape. Starting the week with some sprucing up is a great way to build high energy and hopes for a wonderful harvest-fest next week! Hope to see you all there!


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