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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cooking with root vegetables

Hi There!  
Last week was a fun one in the wellness kitchen.  We learned all about root vegetables!  Specifically radishes, turnips, and beets.  They were delicious but a harder sell for the kids than other vegetables.  The radishes and Turnips have a bit of a kick to them, which some kids love and others are not sure about.  The beets were a hit with most of the kids though. 

Our recipe of the week was:
Beet and Turnip Chips 
turn the oven to 350 degrees
put beets and turnips in food processor to cut up after washing them
baste them with olive oil 
place on a cookie sheet
salt them
turn them over 20 minutes.  baking for an hour or longer.


For an appetizer we had  cut up radishes with sea salt.  The kids that liked spicier foods loved this!

{they loved using the food processor}
{radishes and sea salt}
{preparing to go in the oven}
{We also composted the waste - always good to reiterate what they've learned in the garden.}
{One of the kindergarten kids drew this beautiful picture of a radish.
  The students at lakewood are very talented artists!}
More notes from the wellness kitchen coming soon!  

Take Care,
Sarah Tucker

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