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Friday, April 8, 2011

Water, Water, Everywhere!

I haven't seen the garden since before spring break (March 24th), and BOY does it look good! I was mildly surprised by how much everything has grown, and it's only going to get bigger! The kids were just as excited to be back at the garden, especially when they got to get their hands dirty and wet with the water cycle!  Elria, David, and Julie creatively thought to hide watering cans in the garden, which became a sort of scavenger hunt, but only after we finished our activity of course.
They all LOVED watering the plants, and it helped them understand and visualize the water cycle and the terms:


They got to see the water on the leaves, and understood that the water would evaporate into the air, and the clouds would eventually get full and swollen with water and have to precipitate.
Some of the kids were barely bigger than the watering can!

And although 1:00pm is not the best time to water the garden, I wasn't going to stop them from learning some good old fashioned gardening!

All in all, this lesson plan was excellent and everyone loved getting their hands dirty!

Happy Gardening & Keep Smiling :D

         Sara Head
   Independent Study 

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