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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Reflection

As an independent study person (i.e. a project manager) for the Lakewood Edible Peace Patch project, I really don't have words to describe the experiences I have encountered and the things I have learned this past semester. I have learned more then lesson planning and what goes into organizing a project - I have learned about myself. There is a sadness that comes with my graduating because I know that working in the garden with these kids is probably not something I will able to continue next year. I love seeing how excited they get when they come to the garden, and even more, I love how well they retain information they have learned in the previous weeks! This hands on learning style is so great for them and I'm a tad jealous I never had this experience in elementary school!

It has been such a phenomenal semester at Lakewood and coming into this project knowing VERY little about gardening, I am shocked that I know have the confidence to start my own garden at home and that I am capable of planting and taking care of things that turn into food! I have learned that although it's hard work and sometimes doesn't turn out the way you plan, in the end it gardening and growing food feels great, looks great, tastes great and is just such a powerful and amazing thing that has come into my life, and I am so thankful for this opportunity.

And who says the Wellness Kitchen run by Sarah Tucker is just for the Lakewood students....this garden has made ME improve my eating habits at home. Not only do I shop organic, I have started composting, and am absolutely addicted to kale chips! Sarah Tucker definitely makes eating vegetables fun and delicious :)

My favorite part of the garden this week is definitely our baby watermelons! Maybe because they're small and adorable but mostly because the kids thought I was lying when I said we had watermelons and now I have proof! :)

I have taken so much from this project and I cannot wait to see the progress it makes through the years.

Jamie P

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