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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch!

Today was crazy! We had a few classes and we seeded arugula, which the kids loved eating! The seeding lesson led the kids to think about foods that have edible seeds in them like pumpkins and tomatoes, and the kids got super excited thinking about the harvest festival!We also used the seeding lesson as a chance to reinforce decomposition and the importance of composting... I think they have these concepts down!

 The class was a welcomed distraction, because we spent the majority of the time tackling the sedge monster...

 and spreading MULCH! We are lucky to have a recycling center right across the street that supplies us with mulch. It's a great way to keep the garden looking great without spending a lot of money. I was amazed at how much work we got done today. It was hot and tiring, but the finished product was definitely worth it!

  Happy Thursday!!
-The Edible Peace Patch

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