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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today was a lovely sunny day in the garden, and the first time some of the kindergardeners ever visited the garden! The kids were so excited to get out into the garden and see all the veggies that have been growing. The kindergardeners knew a surprising amount about the garden already, and one even explained to me the importance of having pollinators around, such as the bees that were loving the broccoli flowers bees on broccoli The part that the kids enjoyed the most was seeing veggies and plants that they are familiar with, such as the corn baby corn. Everyone was also interested in seeing the collard greens, which they all recognized from home meals, as well as the aloe plant, which was recognized by kids who have used aloe lotion to treat various burns.
While teaching the science curriculum, the part that most students were fascinated by was the idea that we need some of the same things that plants need to grow, such as water. Making the connection between the seemingly non-active plants, and their very active selves was a great way to bring home the lesson.
Some lucky classes also got to cook some produce from the garden in the Wellness Kitchen with volunteer Sarah Tucker. They came out to the garden to check out the kale they were going to cook, then went back inside to start the process. Watching the kid's faces light up as Sarah picked some kale and pulled a beet out of the dirt was definitely the highlight of the day.

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