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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A day in the Garden

Today at the Garden, the temperature was chilly, but with clear skies allowing the piercing Sun's warmth, it made for ideal weather. With perfect working conditions, we swiftly began eliminating those annoying weeds from in and around our Garden. After about 30 minutes, feeling warm and cozy, we started adding color to our wonderful Garden. Blue, Red, Yellow and even black painting covered our Garden Boxes top edge. These colors gave the dull boxes a little bit of life, and authenticity.
Lastly, with the majority of our time spent eliminating weeds from the Garden, we successfully began to plow another 2 feet uprooted land. Leaving solid dirt which will then be covered by mulch for more control over weeds. This enhances our native plants survivor from succession and competition including the good ol' lands keepers.

This box I personally painted

While working in the Garden today, I was surprised to see that even maintaining a Garden would be amusing and social. While we individually worked, we listened to top 40 music and held frequent conversations, getting to know one another and our interests. Occasionally some laughs were shared and friendships were made, which in my book marks as a successful day. I'm excited to see the progression and represent that creativity goes a long way.

Student Volunteer,

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  1. AMEN- An Awesome day of progress and meaningful work.