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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I couldn't tell you how many times I've heard recently, "it smells so good in here" by those walking by the wellness kitchen. Which must be one of the reasons why even more teachers have signed up and each class that has cooked has kept their spot for the next eleven weeks. It warms my heart to watch kids actually enjoy food that is going to keep diseases at bay and doctors away. They have all been so brave and adventurous when they try these unfamiliar greens. All of the teachers have been encouraging and helpful, one especially so when she wrote me saying,
"Sarah- WOW! My children loved cooking with you. Watching their expressions as they tasted the kale was priceless. When W asked if he could drink the juice in the bowl I knew you had him hooked on greens! Thank you so very much! I am hoping you are up for another cooking experience soon."
The germination lesson has gone really well. The kids are all excited to see how their beans and corn will grow. I also like the way it helps teach responsibility. Telling my group that they were responsible for their cup made them take even more ownership. And the fact that it is a group effort teaches them how to work together harmoniously.
Spending time with our students at Lakewood starts my day off in the right direction!
(kind of like our gardens compass)
Take Care,
Sarah Tucker

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