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Friday, February 25, 2011

Seed Germination!

This week we focused our lesson on seed germination and had each class split into their normal groups in order to plant and learn about seeds! We planted one cup of corn and one cup of beans per group. This was great because for some of the students it was their first time planting! They were instructed to bring the seeds back to their classroom and our little garden experts know to keep the plant by the sunlight and water them a little bit everyday. Our hopes are that these plants will do well enough so we can transplant them into the garden once they grow!

This is my first time taking part of a garden for this long of a period of time and every time I go out to Lakewood I am AMAZED at how much everything has grown in just a few weeks time! Our corn and spinach are flourishing and I am taken aback when I see how much the spinach has grown in one week - the leaves are now the size of the kids palms!
One of the best parts about being a part of the EDIBLE garden is just that...the kids LOVE to eat things! Today we tried the Dill...which, according to the Lakewood gardners, apparently tastes nothing like pickles.... :) and kale which they seemed to enjoy more. Sarah has been cooking up some delicious Kale chips and the kids are absolutely loving them!

This was a great week full of sunshine and seed education! I'm excited for next week when we'll be focusing more on different types of soil and their composition!

Jamie P.
An Independent Study Lady

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