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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The day in the garden started out so foggy, we could barely see the beds across the field! But as the kids trickled out of their classrooms, the sun came out, burned away the fog, and gave us lots of sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. This week's lesson focused on introducing the kids to the idea of seed germination, and how plants develop in their earliest stages. To do this, we are using corn baby corn
and bean seeds. On Wednesdays, we have kindergarden, first and second grades, so we kept the lesson plan age-appropriate by first planting seeds in cups (with their help of course), and then talking about what parts of the plant we can see above and below the ground. To help the kids understand this concept, we brought them over to the edge of the field, and showed them what the roots of sedge grass look like. GARDEN ENEMY #1= SEDGEThe kids were SO enthusiastic about seeing us pull sedge out of the ground, we started thinking we should recruit them to help weed.......... just kidding!
It was great to see how excited the kids were about taking their planted seeds back to the classroom. They were all very careful about handling the cups, and very aware of the special delicacy that this process involves. Hopefully this will be reflected in the height of their plants when they bring them back to the garden next week! Can't wait to see how they've grown!

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