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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rained out but still excited!

Unfortunately I got rained out of the garden this morning, but I think there is still some hope for the later 12:15-2:15 shift to get out there and keep up with maintenance - the sun is trying so hard to come out! If we had the students coming out, rain or shine we would be there to conduct the lesson plans about the garden, but because it is solely a maintenance day, we were unable to do any work.

We may not be in the garden right now, but we are constantly working on lesson plans and things related to the garden! Last night, all of the independent study girls got together to discuss and brainstorm ideas for the lesson plan for next week - our first week with the kids! There are 6 girls, including myself, on the Independent Study team. We were given a basic lesson idea but worked together to make it fun and understandable for the different grade levels of students that we will be teaching throughout the next week. We came up with separate ideas for each grade level but kept the theme of "The Magic of Seeds" at hand. This lesson plan will help Lakewood students understand how a plant grows. What sort of things does a seed need in order to turn into a plant? Where does the seed come from? Come Monday morning we will give the lesson plans and activities out to our INCREDIBLY helpful volunteers, talk about the activities, and get these Lakewood students thinking about seeds!

I took an environmental education (EE) class at Eckerd and I have been a part of many EE programs. While learning how to create a lesson plan and getting ideas, there have been several books that have helped me gain insight into new and fun activities:

I'm excited to start working with the children because I am a novice at gardening and have a feeling I am going to be learning a lot from them. I also enjoy working with kids, especially when it's in a fun and healthy environment - one that they are familiar with and take pride in.

That's all for now!
An Independent Study Lady

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