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Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Almost Time!

Today we had our second early-morning weekly meeting at the garden... and what an exciting one it was! Tomorrow is our first day with the students and there is still so much to be done. After a logistics talk from Professor Curtis, my five independent study comrades and I taught the volunteers the lesson plans we came up with for this week (Jamie describes them two posts back). Everyone seemed to catch on very quickly so I am confident that tomorrow will run smoothly.

We began spreading mulch today, but we didn't finish the whole garden. We also planted papaya and continued weeding. Tomorrow we will have to keep up with maintenance while teaching the kids...we will not be bored! I'm a newcomer to the project so I'm especially excited for the kids to come out. This morning I heard two boys on the playground talking about how much they love tomatoes. Two girls walking by on the road sidewalk even stopped to tell me, "I go to this school!" I definitely felt the excitement in the air.

I'll leave you with this awesome picture of our pollinator garden:

Erin S

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