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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This morning, the sun shone down on the garden giving us some nice rays to bathe in as we worked. Most of the time in the garden today was spent weeding the beds, the three sisters, as well as the pineapples. This sedge is the major weed invader in the garden these days, but we have been diligently removing it piece by piece.


Unfortunately, because of the cold, we have lost a few pineapples that we had to dig up this morning. Good thing pineapple tops are quite abundant around here, so I'm sure we won't have any trouble replacing them.

We continued yesterday's bed beautification project by starting to paint the sides of the beds. We are looking forward to getting creative with the designs we will paint on each bed. There's nothing like bright red, blue and yellow to bring some extra cheer to the already cheerful space. Try to imagine these:


........... but in great new colors! (Photos are on the way!)

Today was also a seed collecting day. We gathered the seeds from old tomatoes left over, and put them in a container to save for later use.

Although we had a great day in the garden, we sure are looking forward to getting the kids out there to help us out!

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