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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rolly Pollys Everywhere!

This morning in the garden we worked with a class of spunky 2nd graders. Most were garden veterans, but we did have a few new students who seemed kind of shy about the garden at first. After we gave them the tour, though, everyone was engaged and outgoing. Some of the students even knew more about the plants in the beds than I did! Several of the students wanted to water the plants, and it took at least two students to carry the full watering can. Many of the students did not know what snow peas were, so we showed them some fully grown peas in the bed. I had to reassure them that they would get to eat the peas soon:
The most exciting part for the students, though, was definitely the discovery of rolly pollys. As soon as one student discovered rolly pollys and snails under a rock, the rest of the class was quickly drawn in. We explained that the bugs were an important part of the decomposition process, and that plants need bugs to survive. We also had them draw pictures of what they saw in the garden. Here are some samples:
These kids really made my morning brighter... working with them is a great way to start the day!


Erin S.

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