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Monday, February 28, 2011

Beet Ya To The Garden!

The goal of today was to teach our Lakewood Elementary children about different types of soil. We set up a hands-on activity that allowed students to touch sand, silt, and clay in tin pans. The children loved seeing their new Eckerd friends and getting into the same groups they were assigned from last week. Once we were arranged in our fun groups we played some "get to know ya" games by having the children remind us big college kids the rules of the garden and their favorite veggies! Next, the students used their five senses to discribe what each soil feels like. One little boy said " I love the beach! I know that this sand must be from St.Pete beach!." We also let the youngsters use their five senses to explore the beds as well (pictured below).

After the children told me how the soil smelled, looked, and tasted ( just kidding!), they were ready to have a soil race! The race involved all of the students: three students poured water over saran wrapped cups topped with either sand, silt, or clay, while the other three observed which soil type let water through the fastest. The kids were really excited to see which type of soil would escape the cup first!

Once the races were finished my group really wanted to taste some of the dill plant (pictured above, right). As we were heading over, Sarah H. noticed that a beet was ready to be harvested. The children were really excited to see it come out of the ground! The kids were eager to eat the beet right away, but I assured them they would enjoy it in the wellness kitchen sometime soon!

Until next time,
-Saige Liparulo

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