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Friday, March 12, 2010

The torrential downpour of this morning meant that my shift at the garden did not end up happening. Normally, this much rain would be great for the plants. Normally, here in Florida it is hot by now and you can't over water. This year, not so. We have had to water very carefully; trying not to over water by only watering in the first shift or skipping it altogether if the soil is still damp. Even with our very careful planning, some of the plants are turning yellow, a sign that they might be getting too much water. Hopefully, this rain will be okay. Maybe it will be a bright and sunny Saturday and the excess water will be soaked up. If not, we will have to exercise more care this week, but I know we can do it. With this wonderful group of Eckerd volunteers and all the enthusiastic elementary schoolers, all will be well in the garden, rain or no rain!

Does anyone know a sunshine dance?

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