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Thursday, March 11, 2010


The wind was blowing so hard today it blew a tray of starters across the garden. After we carefully picked up the infant plants and placed them back in the tray, we swiftly moved all of the starters into the shed to protect them from the coming storms. Dark clouds engulfed the sky and persistent wind and sprinkling rain seemed to offer a warning to stay inside. However, we still anticipated the classes to come out so we prepared scavenger hunts for them to do in the garden. As we were writing up the clues for the scavenger hunt, a Bald Eagle confidently soared through the ruthless winds and landed in a radio tower nearby.
The first class came out and the scavenger hunt went well, but they decided to go in early because it began to rain and the winds persisted. Our next class walked by the garden and the teacher told us they were not coming out because they were instructed to stay inside, as there was a tornado warning in the area. She also told us that we should get inside as well. Realizing we were potentially facing a tornado we promptly locked up the shed and headed inside.
Aside from the lack of instruction in the garden today, we did see positive signs in the beds. I counted 11 watermelon sprouts, and at least one in each of the watermelon mounds. We also noticed a sunflower sprout, which is hopeful because we thought that the ones we had planted might have become dormant. Hopefully the storms will not uproot any of the small plants that are starting to grow. Tomorrow's group will have likely have some renovations to do.
We have had our fill of trifles so far in the garden: frost, constant cold weather, and now tornadoes. I speak for the whole group of gardeners when I say I hope these trying conditions will be over soon and we will be greeted once again with the hospitable Florida growing climate we are used to.

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