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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


W.E. Johns once said “one of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides”. Looking at the garden today, one can’t help but be filled with excitement for what’s to come. In every bed there are several little plants poking up with promises of a bountiful harvest. The broccoli and the tomatoes that were transplanted last week look really healthy. The lettuce is growing at a rapid rate, and small seedlings are popping up in the herb spiral. I cannot wait to watch these beautiful little plants as they grow over the next several months. I am especially excited to see all of the flowers in the pollinator garden as well as in the trench as they start to bloom in the upcoming weeks. The anticipation that goes along with watching these little plants slowly grow inch by inch is almost too much to handle, but it will make the delicious vegetables all the more enjoyable upon this year’s harvest.
There were several amaranth volunteers popping up in the herb bed as well as the pollinator beds. Because these plants grow to be so large and dominating in the beds, we transplanted the eleven volunteers between the trench and the fence. As these plants grow and spread out their beautiful maroon leaves, it will add something aesthetically appealing to be enjoyed both from inside the garden as well as from the street. With all things in the garden well organized and well cared for, all signs point toward a very successful semester at the Peace Patch

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