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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Children are wonderfulth

This afternoon was unusually wonderful given the warmish weather and sunshine. We walked into a new day at the garden with joy and prospects of enjoying childish smiles and questions. We have kindergardeners and second graders on monday afternoons, so we are meet with giggles and excitement. Since the kindergardeners planted watermelon seeds two or three weeks ago they have asked us every time about them as we waited to see some sprouts. They finally came!!! Now we can draw them, as we did today asking them to first draw the seed they planted then the new sprout they saw, and finally what they think the watermelon plant will look like in two or three weeks. There were some very creative drawings to say the least. I believe one boy drew a blue dinosaur... a little like watermelon I would say. Children have so much creativity; it's awesome to see it since we lose it as we get older. It is a breath of fresh air to see small innocent kids using their imagination in a place where it's safe to be creative.

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