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Monday, March 22, 2010

           A Dose of Shining Rays

While the plants were busy absorbing the sun's shining rays, the kindergardeners were having a blast examining the bugs living in the garden. They identified whether the bugs were good or bad and then drew their pictures. They also enjoyed a game we played called pollinators, which is basically sharks and minnows but with plants and bees instead. The object of the game was for the bees to tag the plants, which in return made the plants into bees. Screams and laughter filled the garden as the children chased each other, learning about the relationship between insects and flowers.

The next class that came out today was Mrs. Early's second graders. We put together a scavenger hunt to help the kids identify some of the plants growing in the garden. A few of the plants they found included parsley, basil, sunflowers, watermelon, kale, and okra. Their senses were put into action by examining the plants using taste, sight, touch and smell. The aloe was a huge hit when they learned that  they could rub it on their skin and use it as a remedy  for sun burns.

We also noticed that the pineapple was not doing too well, but the beans that they planted were sprouting and growing tall. 

All in all, today was a beautiful day and the plants are full of life and are beginning to sprout into beautiful grown plants. The cold weather may have been harsh lately, but with the love and spirit of the children they are seeming to pull through this unfortunate weather without a problem!

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