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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sun and seeds

This morning was so pleasant and beautiful that I was a bit reluctant to leave after my short shift. The beds were pretty moist from the past rains and there was not much to do but weed, thin, and plant, which is exactly what we did. Weeding is a never ending task that must be tackled in sections, so in between beds and around the Three sisters I pulled out some tenacious grasses and other weeds. Then there was the sad task of thinning the turnips and radishes, pulling out the struggling little plants so that there would be more space for the roots to flourish into tasty edibles. Next time I think we should plant less seeds so that fewer crowded seedlings have to die.

The herb spiral has been sprouting every day, especially cilantro, as well as the flowers planted around that same bed. Sophia and I added the remainder herb seedlings, those that survived despite a few floods and cold weather, to the spiral. Finally, we planted some fast growing veggies, green beans and radishes, in bed 6 (this should be verified in the logbook, I may have gotten my numbers mixed up). Every time I go out into the garden it looks a little different; a little greener, a bit fuller, and most definitely more beautiful. The children wonder at its subtle transformations too, and together we are experiencing the cycle of life in our little peace patch.

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