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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tomatoes, Bugs and Water

Although a bit overcast, today was another good day in the garden. We started off the morning with Mrs. Frey’s third grade EBD class. Earlier this semester, the class planted eggplants. Unfortunately, due to torrential rain and wind that knocked over the tray, the seeds had not sprouted. So, we decided to plant new plants and perform an experiment with the class that would illustrate what plants need to grow. Each student got two tomato starters. One would be grown outside and the other will be grown inside. While planting each starter, the kids got to take soil from the compost. They were really excited to see all the bugs! They also were very excited to have two plants of their own. Throughout the rest of the semester, the class will track the progress of each plant and compare the plants in the shed to those outside. It looks like it will be a great experiment and everyone is excited about it!

After the third grade class came out, the fifth grade EBD class joined us in the garden. Originally we had planned on doing a worksheet with the class. Unfortunately, due to behavior problems, we were unable to do the worksheet and tried to water. Watering was fun for the kids however, behavioral problems interfered and the class had to go in early.

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