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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Morale Increases With Temperature

Brilliant morning and afternoon in the garden today. The greatly anticipated warmth finally arrived late morning, and hopefully it is here to stay.
Alex and I tended to the seedlings and transplanted them into a more permanent home among familiar faces.

Marigolds and calendula seeds were planted among the sunflower skeletons, so hopefully new life will start to appear in the bordering trenches soon.
The great cycle continues as the greens bolt and sunflower leaves shrivel, but cilantro sprouts were spotted this afternoon and loving words will hopefully coax the pineapple to take root and flourish.

I had the privilege of working with the Ms. Ruck's 5th grade EBD class and the terrific independent study girls this afternoon. The kids had spent the morning taking the FCAT and were beyond restless, so it was decided that a touch football game was in order. Everyone participated except Ms. Ruck and another student, who decided to plant marigolds with Emma instead. Everyone left the garden well exercised and for the most part, all smiles.

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