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Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Chilly and Hopeful Thursday!

The garden was quite chilly this afternoon, but the cold did not weaken the kids excitement. Bundled up in tiny Dora the Explorer jackets, Ms. Baker's kindergarten class waddled in. We asked the class if they remembered what we had all been doing and they replied, "bed number 9!" And they were right, a few weeks ago we planted zucchini and squash in bed number 9. Last week, the bed was more or less empty, with a few voluntary sprouts, but this week, we told the class, big things were happening. After all the kids shot up and started running over to the bed, we had to take a break to go over the rules of the garden.

Once we got to bed number 9 the "woahs" echoed. The plants survived the freeze! After observing and discussing, all the kids drew pictures of what they saw, what the plants needed to grow, what the vegetables were going to look like once they were ready to eat, and their favorite vegetable and/or part of the garden.

After we waived goodbye, we waited for a little while for the 1st grade class. Unfortunately, they were busy with a big project that they had to finish tomorrow, so they did not come out. We had planned on planting the last pineapple, watering the trenches, and putting up some fun signs. Next week the 1st grade will be very busy!

Instead, we weeded weeded the Three Sisters and talked about its signifigance. Here is a link to information on Three Sisters Farming methods: http://ddl.nmsu.edu/kids/webquests/wqthreesisters_k.html

Afterward, we cleaned up and headed back to Eckerd before the end-of-the-day rush.

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