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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Delight

It had been three long weeks. Coming around the corner from the portable classroom I could see the garden full of activity. Ms. Burke's second graders. They have planted beans and watered and watched them grow. They have tasted lettuce and even radishes and they have learned about the benefits of soils and sunlight. I was delighted to come upon my Eckerd students busy sharing the garden and all of its experiences with the Lakewood kids.
Ms. Burke's second graders are a lovely bunch of kids. When they saw me with the camera they mugged and posed. You can see them next to Kaylie's new sign (she made several and they look great!). I promised them that I would post them here and let their teacher know, so that they could see how they were a part of the garden and the way we talk about the garden to the rest of the world. So here are several photos...

And what an amazing set of changes. Everywhere volunteer vegetables are popping up amongst our own intended plants. Squash in amongst the broccoli, tomatoes, too. Sweet potato, popping up everywhere. More than we realized when we started replanting in January. Everywhere, everything that was going to come up has begun to and in many places is beginning to take on some substance. More days like today, more rain and sun and attention from the students and I would risk saying we might just have a decent harvest in May.

The most exciting discovery for me today was when I peaked into the top of the pineapple plants and discovered that two of them are fruiting! You can see one pictured below, just beginning what Martha called a paisley pattern.

We hesistated to water, guessing that rain would come later and now as I sit here completing the blog at the end of the day, the sky has opened in a torrential downpour and water is running everywhere.

The zucchini sprouts, these speckled leaves, will be happy by the addition of water. Delighted.

It was good to be back in the Peace Patch today. There's a lot growing there.

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