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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Luck Little Seedlings!

Today, we arrived at the garden with high spirits despite the minor soil setback the edible schoolyard is facing. We got to watering the beds right away while checking the growth of the vegetables over the weekend. It was amazing to see that the seeds we planted just last week are already sprouting leaves. We were especially impressed with the bush beans and the few inches they've grown since they were planted last Tuesday!

After checking the progress of our garden, we got right to planting the rest of the seeds that needed to go into the ground. We were able to put in broccoli, pumpkin, zucchini, spinach and turnips as well as planting more corn seeds in the ground.

Next we painted numbers on each of the beds with weather friendly black paint so it will be easier to identify which vegetables are in which bed. We hope to purchase more colorful paint in order to decorate each number and set the tone for the coming season.
Finally, we reinforced the pineapple plants with the recycled trellis posts and wished them luck on their transplantation. We finished our shift by giving the plants a long watering and enough TLC to last them till tomorrow morning.
Hopefully the new seedlings adapt to the coming temperature changes in the next few days, if last week's seedlings are any indication of the determination of our garden, I believe they will be just fine.

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