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Monday, September 14, 2009

Gardening fun!

Today was my second day in the garden and I'd call it a success. We weeded a LOT today. The grass is very resilient, even with cardboard and mulch on top, it keeps coming through. The trowels helped significantly and I enjoyed following the root system from one sprout to another. The eggplant seeds were planted in starter trays and watered many times, along with the rest of the plants already in the ground and subject to the intense heat (we drank a lot of water too). I can't wait till the kids get to come out and enjoy it! I am still learning to identify all the plants, but I think I will be ready when the kids get there. I am looking forward to teaching them about the different vegetables and the fun of growing your own food. I think this semester working in the garden is going to be really fun and rewarding. Teaching children and watching them learn makes me feel like I am really making a difference. Hopefully they will tell their families and maybe encourage organic practices in their own home.
My next day of gardening is Thursday and I can't wait! More stuff to plant and definitely more weeding. The garden looks better each time I go back!

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