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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh The Garden

Today was a beautiful and fulfilling day in the garden. As we shoveled the massive load of mulch from the bed of the truck I realized that this work was a bit more manual than I conceptualized. I would consider my first time at the garden a wicked success. I enjoyed every part of the unloading mulch to pulling weeds; I makes me feel like I'm really in nature. It makes me want to be outside more and more. I'm excited for the kids to be there, but I really like seeing how the garden is shaping up into a workable space. This garden is such an awesome project the way it gets kids involved with the earth in their everyday lives. I feel like it makes nature more attainable and exciting to them. I was very encouraged to overhear three small first graders walking along with each other say in a very excited voice, "Hey, they're gonna do the garden again this year!" and the others replied enthusiastically, "Really!! I love doing that!."

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  1. Opps, sorry about the picture. I apparently didn't look at the rest of the entries close enough and I guess I can't edit it after it's published. Oh well.