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Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh Fridays

The garden is looking great and everything is coming together well. Today rounded out our two prep weeks and we ended it on a high note, Shelves! The shed has been rather messy with all the things we use not having a proper home, but no more! This morning we drove the truck over to investigate a shelving unit that has been sitting outside of a neighboorhood home for a while. By the afternoon we had tracked down the owner and had the shelf donated and moved. Its great how much a self makes a shed so much more organized.
Along with the new additions to the shed, the garden also received lots of new mulch. We got two truck loads to the garden in the morning. We are hoping those truck loads will help build up the mulch to keep the grass from growing through, but we learned two truck loads can only go so far. It seems we could be dumping mulch for weeks and still never have enough.
We spent the day moving a lot of mulch so we stayed very focused on that one task, it was easy to forget about the actual growing that was happening. At one point we got to water but it seems like vegetables from the garden are so far way from the process of spreading of mulch. It is interesting how two things so far apart are both part of the same greater goal of producing a garden for kids.

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