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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Inch by Inch, Row by Row, Someone Bless These Seeds I Sow...

Upon arriving at the garden this morning, I was devastated to see that the transplanted gourds and watermelon were wilted and dying of thirst in the heat. I was sad to see that whatever fungus or disease invaded the roots of the gourd that had just a week earlier beautifully blanketed the fence and decorated it with its green bulbous ornaments, had infact assured its death. Things were looking bleak, but as one of my favorite gardening quotes, spoken by Abraham Lincoln, reminded me, “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” While things at first glance seem to be getting off to a sad and slow start, there is plenty of success and hidden treasure to be discovered in the garden.
Non-organic materials and trash is steadily being cleaned up with every shift and has been making a world of difference. There were only a few remaining weeds straggling in the beds and plenty of progress is being made in weeding around the beds and along the front of the compost. The three sisters were sheet mulched this morning and despite it being a rather thin layer of mulch, it looked great. The corn has now been planted, and with much love. While digging the holes, I was pleasantly surprised to find two beautiful shells, which I placed as decoration on one of the rocks on the perimeter of the butterfly garden, which adds a subtle, but aesthetically pleasing detail. (I also dug up a marble!) The seedlings look strong and very promising. They were excited to get into the ground (and to have a nice drink).All of the beds, transplants (gourds and watermelon), plants and starters (eggplant) have been heavily saturated with water, as well as the compost piles, which have received several new layers of earth and organic matter (and are visibly home to many thriving organisms that are playing their own vital roles in building a healthy, happy garden).
Everything needs lots of love and care in the garden. The plants can feel your good intentions. Just listening to the children laughing during their P.E. class and knowing that they can’t wait to join us in the garden seems to make everyone work hard. It is going to be awesome when they are working with us. Keeping our thoughts harmonious and sending nothing but dedicated, positive energy into every action and reaction in the garden is crucial to its success. Keep up the excellent, hard work everyone and remember to stay positive!

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